Our extensive range of pharmaceutical API

Developing and Marketing API's and Advanced intermedites around the world

API Trading and Manufacturing

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient being the fundamental of any Pharmaceutical formulation is a part of major expertise of Mint Life Sciences.

We are one of the top API manufacturing companies in India and one of the very few pharmaceutical companies that are vertically integrated with present in the API and Formulations segments. Which makes us fully integrated global pharmaceutical company.

A part of our core services is to synthesize API, where our team of professionals is committed to offering you an unmatched portfolio.Being one of the top API manufacturers in India we have a successful performance of 12 years of API Trading and manufacturing while facilitating trading and exporting of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients across SAARC countries. Along with manufacturing and trading of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, we offer a special service for manufacturers, ‘Product-In-Time'. With this service, our motto is to enable overall manufacturing efficiency in terms of Pharmaceutical Production, Quality, Planning and Costs.

We are a leading manufacturer of cortico-steroids API & Hormones(steroids) API. Here is a list of products we trade in -

Sr No. Product Name
1 Ampicillin
2 Amoxicillin Trihydrate
3 Cloxacillin Sodium
4 Flucloxacillin Sodium
5 Norfloxacillin
6 Ofloxacillin
7 Diclofenac Sodium
8 Montelukast Sodium
9 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride
10 Atorvastatin Calcium
11 Loratadine