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Solvent Recycling

    One of the most frequent questions we get when talking with manufacturers is "What does it cost to recycle my solvents?" When they tell us a bit more about their waste stream, quantity of waste, current disposal methods and type of solvents. We normally end up telling them that there is NO "cost" to getting solvent recycling and they will in fact save or gain money. Here are a few reasons how you save money:

    Disposal Costs

    Disposal costs of solvents are one of the largest costs we see from manufacturers. With typical waste disposal companies, they will pick up you waste from drums (which you will pay for) then normally dispose of it (which you also pay for) but in certain cases, the disposer will take the waste, recycle it themselves and re-sell it to other manufacturers, which makes them even more money. By disposing of your waste, you are literally giving away money more often than not.

    Purchasing of new solvents

    Once waste solvents are disposed of, it leaves you needing more, so you have to normally purchase a brand new solvent directly from the supplier. These are extremely expensive and the price always seems to increase year over year.

    Mint Life Sciences offers Solvent Recovery, where we pick up your waste, recycle it in our industrial scale processor, and sell it back to you for a fraction of the price of a new solvent. For companies which don't have the space or quantity necessary to have an in-house solution.

    Complicated Waste Streams & Solutions

    When dealing with more complicated waste streams, where combinations of water, solvents and other chemicals are used, manufacturers often think they are stuck with the only option being disposed of their waste. This is no longer the case at all, with Mint Life Sciences, we are often able to recover each individual chemical. With each type of waste being able to completely be re-used as a virgin solvent or in the case of water waste, able to be recycled into the municipal sewage system.